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Pre-K/Kindergarten Show!

Looking to bring MORE puppetry to your school?  Add on a show for the little guys!



Little Re Riding Hood is performed in a classroom or library with hand puppets and runs between 20 and 30 minutes.

Wide Open presents: Little Red Riding Hood!  Red is on her way to read to her grandmother when she meets a big bad…bunny rabbit? No that’s not right!  Help our story have a happy ending in thi2019LittleRed2s fun filled puppet show for all ages!


Little Red Riding Hood is available as an add on show to A Little Mermaid anywhere in Saskatchewan or Alberta.

Or book it on its own in Saskatoon and Area!


Classroom Activities

Check out these activities related to our production of A Little Mermaid.  We also have a  Pinterest page!

Check out these great related crafts!  
Grade 1: Red Ted Art makes shadow puppet fish and stage/theatre
Grade 2:  Here’s a light up story box you could make to match any theme your class is working on.
Grade 3: Fee McFaddell has some great free characters to colour, cut out and assemble.  This type of character with brads (or rivets or string) at the joint are traditionally used in shadow puppetry.  They would be created out of hide and treated with oil to make them translucent.
Grade 4: Sweet Paul shows us that our families can be character inspiration for our puppets!  These would be great take home gifts for the holidays.
Grade 5: This article by Lia Griffith is all about making stationary scenes with paper cut outs.  She uses a cricut and a glass cover.  We recommend letting the kids cut out their scenes with scissors and using a clear 2 liter pop bottle for the cover.
Grade 6: Make your own traditional cranky theatre!  This DIY instruction creates a scrolling story with cardboard and dowels.  Each story is drawn out on one long scroll – great for a group of students to create together.

Bonus: this circus shadow show is adorable.  And slightly more stable as its made of wood.
And This is where we started researching to create our cranky!


Where are we going?

We travel across Saskatchewan and Alberta, travel fees are included in the performance fee.  Over four months we perform nearly 100 times in 80 communities!

How do we decide when we will be in your area?

In September and October we accept bookings for the tour on a first come, first priority basis.  Once we know who wants us to come we schedule performances!  In November we send out our scheduled dates and you can see when we will be in your community.  Want a specific date? BOOK EARLY!  Due to road conditions we schedule northern communities near the beginning of the tour.  The first week of tour is always in and around Saskatoon.

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes!  Book by September 30th for a $50 discount (one per school).  Book two performances and receive a $50 discount off each performance.  Even better: the second performance can be at a neighbouring school!  Call the school up the street and if you both book you each get the $50 off (schools must be within 50km of each other).

What age range is the show for?

grade 1 to grade 6

How many students can attend?

Up to 250 students can attend.  If you have more students we will schedule two performances to ensure everyone can see and hear the show.  We recommend dividing by alternate grades (K,2,4,6 at one performance and pre-K,1,3,5 at another).

What does the school supply?

Nothing but a gym and the audience!  Wide Open tours with its own sound and lights and will set up on the gym floor.

Are taxes included?

Wide Open includes GST in our performance fee unless the performance takes place on a reservation.  To have GST removed from your invoice please include your GST exemption number in the shopping cart notes.

Want to sponsor the tour and reach over 10,000 students?

Click here or email tour[at]wideopen[dot]ca or text/call (306)683-9460

Any other questions?

email tour[at]wideopen[dot]ca or text/call (306)683-9460 don’t forget to tell us where you are located and how many students you have!

Schedule and Map

Very Merry Munsch tours February – May 2018:
Check out when we will be in your area (scroll to a relevant month)
Complete this form to request your own performance!

Here are the places that have requested performances so far this year:

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Munsch More For You!

Good day Teachers and Administrators, Here’s a clip from a previous Munsch collection.  This should give you an idea of how Munsch Mania will look in your school but keep in mind the kids participate throughout the performance, they sing the songs and round out the show.  The stories presented here are written by Robert … Continue reading Munsch More For You!
This video is accessible once you activate your school. Please activate your school location by  adding either Saskatchewan School or Alberta School to your cart to access the performer fees and show clips. Remember to Log in with the details you just submitted before checking out. Once you activate your school location you can see the performer fees under 'shop' or under your account, memberships, view, my products.

Feedback from Previous Tours

brochurefrontI just wanted to say how WONDERFUL & ENTERTAINING the puppet show was on Wednesday. Ashley, Caitlyn and Jacklyn did a fantastic job!!! They were so professional, funny and had so MUCH energy. We can’t wait until next year for your next show!!!

Rhonda Gregus, St. Michael’s School, Bow Island

Once again my students and staff were very impressed with the show. The performers were very enthusiastic and well prepared. All of our students from Pre-K to Grade 8 enjoyed the show.
Columbia School, Yorkton, Saskatchewan

Today we had a puppet show at our school and I must tell you how impressed we were. The teachers and students just loved it. The Grade One teacher said “that was the best puppet show I have ever seen!”. All the teachers agreed. We were impressed with how engaged the students were.

I was impressed with how the three performers took charge and organized the students and make everything so easy for us. Thanks again for a great morning!

Lin Hylton, Principal, Ethel Milliken School

I just wanted to drop you this note to tell you that Mammoth Munsch is all-capitals-with-a-period-after-every-letter F.A.N.T.A.S.T.I.C.!!!  It seems to me that the performers actually enjoy what they’re doing and that they really like kids.  Or they’re just really good at pretending.  And if that’s the case, they deserve an Oscar ‘cause it looked and sounded like they were having a great time!  Our students loved the show, as did the adults.  Thanks for a really great afternoon!!

Janet Jackson, SERT / Vice-Principal, Hepburn School

Wide Open giving back to the community!

Win a performance in Saskatoon!

The first three performances of our tour in 2015 were donated to community schools in Saskatoon via a random draw on December 1st.  Congratulations to our winners: Bishop Roborecki, Westmount Community School and Howard Coad School.  We will be giving away three performances in 2017.  Email us tour[at]wideopen[dot]ca to be included in the draw! (performances must take place in Saskatoon).davidsfathersm